St Stephen's Church

A warm welcome awaits you at St Stephen's Church

Services are held:

Sundays at 11am - whole family welcome.

Teas and coffees are served after worship - stay for a cuppa and make new friends.


Chatterbox - 10am to 12.30pm. A cuppa and company - anyone is welcome to come along and bring friends.

The Church Sanctuary will be open for anyone who would like a time of quiet reflection/prayer.

We encourage everyone to participate in the life of our Church Family in any way they are able. Please do not be shy about volunteering - or offering new ideas for consideration - we need a lively Kirk!

Whether you would like to read the scriptures on a Sunday, make the tea, or another task which you feel would be to the benefit of our Church Family or our Parish, please speak to Maggie who will direct you to the appropriate person.